Attribute Calculations Explained:

ALL classes get:

  • 3 hp per spirit
  • 3 hp per agility
  • 3 hp per strength
  • 24 hp per vitality
  • 5 mana per spirit

Each character can have a max of 900 attribute points.

Trojans and Fire Taoist, as well as, Water Taoist receive special modifiers based upon their promotion level.

The Trojan modifier takes the total Hit Points(HP) and multiplies it by a percentage.

  • with level 15 promo 5% hp bonus (multiplier is 1.05)
  • with level 40 promo 8% hp bonus (multiplier is 1.08)
  • with level 70 promo 10% hp bonus (multiplier is 1.1)
  • with level 100 promo 12% hp bonus (multiplier is 1.12)
  • with level 110 promo 15% hp bonus (multiplier is 1.15)

The Taoist modifier takes the Mana(MP) determined above and multiplies it by a modifier.

  • with level 40 promo 200% mana bonus (multiplier is 3)
  • with level 70 promo 300% mana bonus (multiplier is 4)
  • with level 100 promo 400% mana bonus (multiplier is 5)
  • with level 110 promo 500% mana bonus (multiplier is 6)

Attributes Explained:

==== Strength
Required for equipping some weapons on melee classes
Increases the power of melee
Each point awards:
+1 Physical Attack
+3 Hit Points ====

==== Agility
Required for equipping any Bead, Bow, Hand Fan, Knife, Katana, Nunchaku, Pistol, Scythe, Rapier, or Epic Weapon.
Also involved in physical accuracy for melee
Each point awards:
+1 Physical Accuracy
+3 Hit Points
Agility does not increase your attack speed (attack speed is determined by frequency of right-hand weapon *skills and spells have fixed frequency) ====

==== Vitality
The Vitality stat gives a character more HP
Each point in Vit gives:
+24 Hit Points ====

==== Spirit
Gives characters magic points, and increases health.
Each mana point gives:
+3 Hit Points
+5 Magic Points ====

How to Obtain Attribute Points

Each character starts with 10 attribute points at level 1, from there they gain 3 per level. So at 2nd rb 130 the lowest you can possibly have is 397 assuming you reborn at 120 (or 110 for a water). If you chose to reborn at a higher level or if you haven't reborn yet and you're looking at this wikia, good news! You can gain up to an additional 110(55+55) attribute points! This will put you at 507 total attribute points. To get these points is fairly simple all you have to do is reborn at a level higher than 120 for any class but water. Each level gives the following

Level Water Taoist Any Other Class
110 - -
112 +1 -
114 +3 -
116 +6 -
118 +10 -
120 +15 -
121 - +1
122 +21 +3
123 - +6
124 +28 +10
125 - +15
126 +36 +21
127 - +28
128 +45 +36
129 - +45
130 +55 +55
131+ - -

Note: If you reborned at a level lower than 130 you can make up those attribute points by getting additional Mystery Fruit. It will just be a longer/more expensive process than if you had originally reborned at level 130 both times.

How do you get to 900 attribute points?

You're probably wondering how to get to 900 attribute points if 130-130-130 2nd rb only gives you 507. Well, to get an extra 30 you just have to level to 140 as each level still gives you 3 attribute points, however, there is no bonus for reborning at a level higher than 140 so it's recommended to hit 130 then rb/2nd rb. To get past 537 attribute points is done by getting items called Mystery Fruits. These items give you random 1-3 attribute points which you keep when you rb or reincarnate. You can also pay either an item called a Mystery dew to get a guaranteed 3 attribute points or 270 unbound cps.

Note: The stats are still randomized meaning the 3 points go to one stat, but you do not get to choose which one. You can, however, restat using either a bound or unbound Dragonball at the Rebirth Master in the Market to move your stats around how you wish minus your 10 base stats that you start with; those are locked in place and based on what class you are as to where they are.

How to Get Mystery Fruits and Dews

There are a few ways to gather each. For both, the easiest is doing the Daily Sign In. For Mystery Fruits you can get them by doing The Nature of Life which gives you 1 Mystery Fruit each week and 3 random tokens of the same stat. You also have a chance to get the tokens, which consist of Vitality, Strength, Spirit, and Agility from Giant Chasm every day until your "luck points" run out. You have to have one of each to create one Mystery Fruit. The third way is by completing the Bright Fortune Daily which will give you a chance at both stat tokens and Mystery Dew Scraps. The final way is the Peach Tree event that comes every few months gives you a chance at both Mystery Fruit, and Stat Tokens. You can also receive Mystery Dew from the Horse Racing Store for 100,000 horse racing points.


A lot of this information was based on,however, it has been updated to the best of my knowledge and left out the old information. For example, there is no longer any requirement to get promoted at any stage of the game besides being that level.

I also wanted to add this here as the calculator they had is now gone and I fear the site may go the same route soon.

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