• FearandFlow

    Where I'm At

    September 15, 2018 by FearandFlow

    I've been working on this off and on. I'm pretty busy with school but I'm trying to do a few edits when I can. Deityland is 100% done to where I want it now except for needing a picture of the worst drop the 100k box. Perfection I finally got the holy grail stats up there for anyone interested just need to find a silver cup / bronze cup for the pictures in that section for the perfection page to be done as well. Updated the Attribute Point section with realloting and the new information that pertains to that. The next target is really going to be focusing on classes, I've started on the fire taoist for those who are interested I think it's looking really nice so I plan to keep that format for all of the class skills in the future. Anyway, …

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