What is Chi?

Chi is a system that was added as a way to balance the game after the dreaded battle power system that made the game Pay to Win 100%. This system fixed a lot of what was wrong with the game in that aspect.This system offers unique stats that you get to "choose" from and how to build your character. Choose is in quotes because although you decide which stats you want, you roll them in a random fashion and have to keep doing so in order to achieve the stats you're after of the quality you desire. Note that you cannot study chi until you're at least first reborn level 110 for Dragon and Phoenix, and second reborn level 110 for Tiger and Turtle.

Your Stat Options

Here I'll go through all the stat options and suggest what to use and when to use it.

  • Anti-Break - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang. It increases your defense to those under your BP by around 80%. This should only be taken if you're a support due to you would lose attack "Crit or Break" which are vital stats for non-supports or, the main survivability stat "Immunity" which is a vital stat for all in high tier fights.
  • Break - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang. It gives you the ability to break through those who would otherwise have higher Anti-Break and also have higher BP than you. This is recommended for anyone who is 390 or less BP. You can still use this up to 403 BP anything higher aka "being a king" you would want to switch your break over to Pstrike. The reason it's suggested to use break before reaching 390 BP is because even though your server may not be heavy in ANTI doesn't mean the servers in your realm are the same. For Cross-Server events No Nobility is counted so the max BP anyone can be is 390 BP making break useless at this point.
  • +Final Mattack / +Final Pattack - These are stats that are available for both Chi and Jiang. They increase your damage one physical, one magical and add that to the end of the damage calculations going after all reductions. These can also be considered "Pure Damage". For Final Mattack I would suggest this for someone wanting to create a low level tanky Taoist account that you just want to use for tournaments and winning by points. For Final Pattack, the same logic applies though I would only suggest running Final Pattack for an archer/assassin or for a pirate also for low level tournaments. Some higher BP players instead of running crit/break they decide to run Final pattack for an overall higher damage not based on another persons stats.
  • -Final Mattack / -Final Pattack - These are stats that are available for both Chi and Jiang. These take off damage from either Magic or Physical sources at the end of the damage calculation. -Final Mattack I would never recommend for anyone anywhere. - Final Pdmg is recommended for anyone who is making a hardcore support.
  • Immunity - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang. It allows you to avoid being Crit by those who run PStrike and Mstrike. This is a stat that is recommended for everyone in every stage of chi. Those who don't run this are opening themselves to taking way more damage than needed and in many cases getting 1 shot.
  • MAX HP - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang.It is recommended in all stages of Chi.
  • MAttack - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang. It is recommended to take this in all Chi stages when playing a Fire Taoist.
  • MDefense - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang. This is Magic Defense which gives you extra defense against magic attacks. This should never be used in Chi.
  • MStrike - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang. It is not recommended to use this in any stage. Check out the Fire Taoist recommended builds for more information.
  • Pattack - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang. It is recommended for all attackers that aren't a Taoist to have it in all four stages of Chi.
  • PStrike - This is a stat that is available for both Chi and Jiang. This stat increases your Physical Strike it is recommended that you max this on king characters, and you should also get this to 100% on characters that will be more PVE focused so that they can crit boss monsters.

How to Calculate the Max Stats That You Can Obtain for Chi?

For Chi it's a little different and you just need to learn how much each stat can give you per slot . Anything that is a percent can go from 1% to as high as 20% for stats such as Anti-Break, Break, Immunity, MStrike, or Pstrike.. Other stats can start as low as 50 and go up to as much as 2000 for Pattack, 2500 for Mattack, or 3500 for HP.

There is also a ranking chart for Chi that if you are in the top 50 you get extra stats depending on what stage you rank on. These are important and help a lot if you want to be at the top level game play.

Chi Rankings





Dragon -------------------------------

HP +5000

M-Defense +300

-Final P-Defense +1000

-Final M-Defense +300


HP +3,000 ~ 2,000

M-Defense +250 ~ 150

-FinalP-Defense + 600 ~ 400

-FinalM-Defense + 200 ~ 650


HP +1,500

M-Defense +100

-Final P-Defense +300

-Final M-Defense +100

Phoenix -------------------------------

P-Attack +3,000

M-Attack +3,000

+Final P-Atk +1,000

+Final M-Atk +300


P-Attack +2,000 ~ 1,500

M-Attack +2,000 ~ 1,500

+Final P-Atk +600 ~ 400

+Final M-At k+200 ~ 150


P-Attack +1,000

M-Attack +1,000

+Final P-Atk +300

+Final M-Atk +100

Tiger -------------------------------

P-Strike +15%

M-Strike +15%

Immunity +8%


P-Strike +11% ~ 8%

M-Strike +11% ~ 8%

Immunity +5%


P-Strike +5%

M-Strike +5%

Immunity +2%

Turtle -------------------------------

Break +15%

Anti-Break +15%

Immunity +8%


Break +11% ~ 8%

Anti-Break +11% ~ 8%

Immunity +11% ~ 8%


Break +5%

Anti-Break +5%

Immunity +2%

Rigged Chi

TQ may deny it but it is clearly rigged and hard to roll stats over 80 and especially hard once you start trying to go over 90. If it wasn't rigged you would sometimes roll multiple 90's or at least a 90+ every 10 rolls if it were indeed a fair chance, it is not. You can sometimes go 100+ rolls without ever hitting a 90 or higher.

How do I Get a High Chi Score/Rank if it is Indeed Rigged?

Well, to do this either takes a lot of money or a lot of time, and a bit of luck. My suggestion to you is to create two accounts and with one roll decent stats 80+ to which you can use; in the mean time, you get the second (your future main account) to have in Dragon and Phoenix chi stages 97+ of the stats you want. For Turtle and Tiger I would recommend rolling 95+ if you do that you should be able to at least get in the top 50 chi ranking. This of course depends on the server.

How to Study Chi

As stated before you have to obtain level 110 first reborn before you can study the Dragon stage. You then need to score 300 in dragon to unlock your Phoenix stage; after you unlock it it doesn't matter what your score in dragon falls to it will remain unlocked. From there you need a score of 300 in Phoenix as well as second reborn level 110 to unlock your Tiger stage. For Turtle you just need a score of 300 in Tiger to unlock.

Locked Stats 0 1 2 3
Chi Cost Per Roll 50 100 150 200

Batch & Retreat Systems

To start off these are unfortunately locked behind a paywall. You need to have VIP level 1 at the very minimum to access these feature.

Batch System

This is pretty simple you go into chi stage, click settings and erase every stat you don't wish to keep. For the ones you do wish to keep you set them to the number you desire, after that, you save the settings. Next you click batch, write how many times you'd like to study and then press start. You can tick the check box to auto recover chi points with CPS if you desire it cost 25 for every 100 or 1 cp for 4 chi points (the same price as a Vital Pill overall), however, this is not recommended as you can get a DragonBall for around 50cps which gives you 800 chi points. Thus your net gain is 600 Chi points.

Retreat System

This system is also relatively simple to use. You should only use this system when you have 4 good stats that you like, but that need improved on (aka not 100/Full.) You can use either 4000 chi points, or more preferably a Frozen Chi Pill. You can get a Frozen Chi Pill by doing the cross server dailies, as well as randomly from your daily sign in and sometimes the Labyrinth and other quests. After you have either 4k Chi points or a Frozen Chi Pill you do the following.

  • Go to your chi
  • Click study on the stage you wish to work on
  • Click retreat, if you have a Frozen Chi Pill in your inventory it will ask you if you would like to use it. Otherwise, you will use 4,000 of your available Chi points.

That's it! Now you can study on that stage for 5 days and roll a stat "or multiple stats if they're lower than you desire and are trying to get rank and return them to the previous stat!" If you don't get the stat you desire just click retreat. If you do get a stat you desire you then go to retreat and then update your stats so that your new stats will reflect that.

Notice: You should ALWAYS update your stats when you get something better than your previous otherwise at the end you will have to pay cps to keep the newer stats.

After your time expires click terminate>abandon if you did mess up and forget to update with the new stat you will have to click terminate>pay off. This will make you pay either CPS or chi points to keep the new stats. The longer you wait, the more it will cost to do so. If it's been a day it won't cost you much but if its been a few weeks it may cost you thousands. Thus, always remember to update!

How do I Get Chi Points?

To get chi points there are a variety of ways I will list here the ways known:

  • You can get 500 chi points each day by simply logging in!
  • You can get 100 chi points for free each day by completing 10 free studies in Jiang Hu and then talking to Mr.Wang in Twin City and choosing that option as your reward. (Some people choose the 10 bound cp option instead; but you are actually losing income overall because a Vital Pill that costs 125 cp (B) gives you 500 Chi points, therefore, you are losing out on 15 bound cps when you pick the 10 cp (B) option.) You can also gain more free Chi points, in the form of Vital Pills, by completing additional paid Jiang Hu studies which Mr.Wang will tell you how many you need to do to get to the next reward tier.
  • Vital Pills: You can gain these by either paying for them in the shopping mall with Bound/Unbound CP, or by completing various quests or events that TQ releases.You can also receive these from the Champion Arena Store by going to Arena>Store>Arena Store (B). Note this option is usually only recommended for bulkers as once you hit 343700 you can no longer earn anymore, thus there is no way to easily progress your gear at this point other than bound CP.
  • Exp packs, these are gained by doing various quests, dailies, or randomly from the sign in rewards. At max level these will for the most part give chi points instead of exp, however, they sometimes end up giving study points.
  • Lottery - There are Chi packs you can earn from doing lotto but this isn't really the desired reward while playing.
  • Dragonballs - You can exchange Bound/Unbound Dragonballs for 800 chi points each at the CPAdmin in the market.
  • Hero Rewards - These are progression rewards where after you do something in the game or get enough gear score etc. you will then get a free reward. Some of these rewards include a lot of Chi Points!
  • Quests give Chi points the best being the Flame Lit, and then Labyrinth & Dis City together.

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