Welcome to the Conquer Online Wikia! This is an English information source for the NA/EU Desktop version of Conquer Online, although a lot of information may overlap with other versions. Conquer Online, aka Co is an MMORPG created by NetDragon and distributed by TQ Digital. The game was released in alpha in 2003 and then fully released in 2004. It's first real update came in 2006 with the 2.0 update which changed the UI as well as the way a few skills worked. There were a few map changes that came in 2016 due to the project Conquer 3.0 between NetDragon and EA falling apart which was set to be its standalone game from the original. Thus, instead of scrapping all the work they incorporated the map updates to the main cities they were working on. The next big update came in October 2017 which upgraded the Character Models, Spells, Maps, and just cleaned up the look of the game while updating it to a more modern version. This is what began the Era of Conquer 3.0 built from the original nearly 15 years ago.

Quests, Recurring Events, and Tournaments

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Class Pk War-

Dis City-

Battlefield Heroes- Skill Pk


Dis City-

Battlefield Heroes Elite Pk


Cross Server Capture The Flag-

Dis City-

Battlefield Heroes-

Flame Lit & Guild War-

Team Pk Tournament-

Weekly Pk Tournament-

Capture the Flag-

Extreme Pk Tournament

Every Day

Once A Week

Once Per Character

Daily Quests & Activities- Crisis of Evil-

The Nature of Life-

Upgrading and Character Building

Attribute Points Chi Inner Power Jiang Hu Perfection Sub Class Upgrading Gear

Main Cities & Clan War Locations

Ape City Bird Island Desert City Phoenix Castle Twin City / Market


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