Quest & Items Edit

Ape Skin

For this quest you need to be level 60+ or reborn to participate. This quest is pretty straight forward, you will need to go collect items that monsters drop such as Ape Skin. Each day you will be assigned a random one so saving multiples for later on and storing them in your warehouse is advised. You may also be asked for these items for event quests and you only need to give up one spot in your warehouse for them since they stack up to 10,000! These items can also be gathered in the Labyrinth each floor drops a series of different items.

Auto Complete Tokens Edit

Collection Order
Chi token

For this quest besides using the Daily Quest Token you can also use the Collection Order gained at random by completing the cross server dailies and using the Eminent Exploit Pack. Using this token will complete the quest and give you the max benefits for doing so.

Reward Edit

This reward has tiers, I'm uncertain of the exact level requirements to hit each tier, however, I can explain it. At lower levels you are asked to gather less items, but are also rewarded with a little less exp. At 120+ the max reward for this quest is 600 minutes of EXP, 50 study points, and 1 Chi Token.