The Quest And Leaders Edit

This quest is straight forward and easy. There are 3 leaders that you can choose to worship, you can only worship one a day. You have the be in front of the leaders not to their side or you will be unable to.

HuangDI Edit


This is the first leader. It is the one furthest to the left of your screen. This is the one you want to worship if you're still leveling and not maxed on your subclass yet as they give you both EXP and Study points.


Nuwa Edit

This is the second, or middle leader. This one gives EXP & Blessing so it's best to use this one if you're making noobs to reborn or if you already fixed your subclass.

YanDI Edit

This is the final leader on the most right of your screen. This is the one you want to worship after you've hit max level as it gives you Blessing and Study points.



What are study points? These are used to fix your subclass, as well as to study Jiang. They can also be used to do certain quests but are not necessary. You can learn more about these in the Sub Class section.

What is Blessing? Blessing allows you to have 50 more stamina and gain additional exp from being online, as well as while you level manually. When you start a new character this is essential to have. Eventually, after doing your dailies often you will obtain so much Blessing that it won't expire for a few years even if you never did your dailies again.